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A Deli-licious Campus Experience
Union Creates Delicious Experiences Across Campus

The Wisconsin Union team opened its first deli in the Medical Sciences Center. The team had planned for the deli to serve as a temporary lunchtime dining option with a portable steam table and refrigerator. But, after its popularity and its clear meeting of an important need, the Union team created a permanent dining option in that location and established markets, cafes and a restaurant throughout campus to meet this need in many places. 

Customers welcomed these dining options, enjoying our grab-n-go food and beverages that helped them make it to classes and meetings on time with the food and beverages to help them power through their days. 

Today’s Union-run markets, cafes and a restaurant outside of its buildings Memorial Union and Union South have food and beverages for every dietary need and want, including many house-made items. Learn more about Union dining at