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Wacky Campaign Promises
The Pail and Shovel Party Lives On

The UW campus was subject to a series of colorful pranks and wacky art installations at the end of the 1970s thanks to student government's infamous Pail and Shovel Party. Jim Mallon and Leon Varjian led the party named for one campaign promise to convert a portion of the UW budget into piles of pennies for students to collect by the shovel-full. While the party failed to follow through with their penny promise, they did fulfill a promise to bring wackiness to campus.

After being elected in 1979, they erected a gigantic replica of the Statue of Liberty's head and torch rising out of Lake Mendota. While the original was damaged, a new Lady was resurrected in 1980 and again in 2009 to greet the annual Winter Carnival guests.

Lady Liberty lives on today as a modern inflatable version with sporadic sightings during Madison winters.