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Dancers at the Memorial Union

A Letter to Club 770
You're Not Even a Real Club. You're a Cafeteria.

Club 770, host to notable performers such as No Age, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Girl Talk, and Brother Ali, began in 1996 when a live band performing at Union South moved from the Red Oak Grill to Einstein's Cafeteria, claiming the space as the new home for the club. Student-created and run, the club became a home for live music, aspiring DJs, and students who just wanted to dance. It continued operating until 2008 when the original Union South was replaced with a larger more modern building, which included The Sett, where bands and DJs now take the stage many weekends during the academic year.

Dear Club 770: You are ridiculous.

Your ceiling sometimes sits too low over your stage. You get cramped easily. You smell funny and have all the natural acoustics of a K-Mart bathroom. And you’re not even a real club: You're a cafeteria in Union South. Despite what a silly pain in the ass you are, Decider will miss visiting you at your inconvenient location once UW rips you down to replace you with a new building, which is slated to include a new, more music-appropriate venue.

Scott Gordon, The Decider-Madison
December 4, 2008